AMU Alumni

Nostalgic Trip to Alma Mater……..An Endeavour by Aligs to bring together Aligarh Muslim University Alumni in Delhi L-Zone Smart City!

‘The small plant will one day turn into a mighty tree whose branches will spread all over the world’
– As prophesied by Sir Syed Khan, while laying foundation stone of MAO College.

Today, the students of Aligarh Muslim University are spread across the globe. Out of which a good percentage will return to the motherland. For all those AMU old boys, Kamp Developers in association with a group of AMU Alumni, presents “Sir Syed Residency” at L-Zone, Dwarka Phase, the new smart city.


Alumni of Aligarh Muslim University are delighted to launch Sir Syed Residency in association with KAMP Developers in L zone, Delhi.
The township is dedicated to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the founder of MAO college which is now known as AMU- Aligarh Muslim University. Sir Syed was a strong supporter of western education and believed that Muslims should take interest in studies as it will enable them in living a better, standardized and a respectable life.
AMU is a perfect place for those who wish to achieve something in life. The university offers atmosphere needed for building sparkling tomorrow. While laying the foundation stone of Aligarh Muslim University, prophesied Sir Syed Ahmed Khan said,
“The small plant will one day turn into a mighty tree whose branches will spread all over the world.”
This line shows the extent to which, Sir Syed wanted Muslim community to grow. Moreover, the people of Muslim community are traditional, but he was one of the exceptional people whose objective was to turn Islamic people from traditional front to progressive ones.
Alumni of Aligarh Muslim University made a mark for themselves in various sectors and aims to provide Muslims with a better quality of living. In order to achieve this target, the group of alumni decided to collaborate with the renowned KAMP Developers to build a township which is purely dedicated to Muslims.
Construction of this township will be the best a Muslim can get. The township will be full of people from the same religion which will help in development of young brains as children learn what they watch.
Getting educated at Aligarh Muslim University is not an easy task for all, but the launch of this township opens opportunity for a good majority of people to learn everything which is being taught in AMU for experiencing better living.
The experienced alumni of AMU will help in providing better educational and social environment for the coming generation of Muslims. This collaboration will help in growing people’s life in a modern way.